Sunday, January 31, 2016

War of the Worlds 1890s and 1920s

The ‘Historical’ invasion of the 1890s (pretty much a rout of the humans initial the Martians succumb to micro-organisms).

The second Martin invasion in the 1920s. The earth has time to absorb Martian technology. WWI is averted by political and social changes brought on by the new technology and above all the threat of the next Martian assault on Earth. Human improvements include.

i.                    Zeppelins with ablative armour (anti Heat ray effect), Helium and the ability to go to high altitude.

ii.                  Landships, treated like tanks, except they have multiple weapons, which it can fire simultaneously. These vehicles have NBC protection from the Martian Black Dust. Both Heavy and Light Landships types are made.

iii.                Rocket Crawlers; which carry cannon and missiles. Both Heavy and Light Rocket Crawlers types are made.

iv.                Infantry Crawlers are primarily for transport of combat troops.

v.                  Autogiro Gunships are equipped with rapid-fire cannon and missiles or rockets.

vi.                Autogiro Transports are large aircraft able to transport combat troops or cargo.

vii.              Rocket Infantry are now used on the battlefield, equipped with both LAW and MAW missiles.

viii.            Smoke ammunition is available in this period.