Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Great Martian War

A captured Martian Spider on display today

Combining period archive with state-of-the-art special effects and featuring moving interviews with aging veterans, the show takes in the entire sweep of the conflict: from the devastation of Western Europe where a rag-tag alliance digs in against monstrous Alien war-machines unaware that deep flaws exist in their Generals’ central strategy, to the political battle for the Whitehouse where President Wilson struggles to maintain US Neutrality; from the skies of central London where allied bi-planes do spectacular battle with a towering Alien Tripod, to the War’s catastrophic final act in which the Allies, standing on the brink of total defeat, must decide if launching an untested and potentially devastating secret weapon is worth risking the lives of millions of men in the field and a global pandemic…

Unpacking and exploring these events are two Historians with opposing views about the conflict's many controversies, in particular an incendiary new discovery centred around the notorious ‘Martian Code’ - Uncrackable for a century, the vast cache of Alien war documents seized after the war have finally been deciphered, and appear to contain the direst of warnings that the war is far from over.


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