Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dawn Burns over Tennessee - An After Action Report

Near Covington, Tennessee, the morning of May 24th, 1914 - Many who have not been to the Front often think of brave American doughboys and guns eagerly sitting in massive fortifications waiting for the Martians to attack. This is to be expected. Most newspaper men do tend to stay in the fortified areas and their stories often lead one to believe that the Martian War is a stagnant one. This is, however, not true. While hundreds of miles of fortifications have been built along the Mississippi line, mobile operations are the hallmark of this new form of war with machines. These mobile battles can cover great amounts of land quite quickly and are fought in the farms and fields of America’s heartland; not just the major cities on the river front. This story, recounted by a brave newspaperman that travelled with the 301st, is about an encounter between a Martian advance force, hell bent on destruction, and the American Force moving through the country west of Jackson, Tennessee in an effort to flank the Martians crossing the Mississippi at Memphis. It’s a clear example of hundreds of battles fought over the typical rural American landscape so many of us are familiar with…

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