Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ideas! So what do you think happened next?

Of course, a sequel was written the year after 'The War of the Worlds' was serialised. It was called 'Invasion of Mars' and detailed the invasion of Mars (strangely enough) and subsequent liberation of the humanoid Martians from the Wellsian Martians.

Apparently, it didn't bear much resemblance to the original novel.

And show me a person who has read 'The War of the Worlds' and not had an idea of how the story should progress?

The book wasn't left as open as everyone assumes. The entire point of the novel was the total destruction of the "infinite complacency" and arrogance of the Victorian social order Wells detested. The Martians succeeded famously in making mankind vigilant; we were shaken from our self-absorbed stupor, forced to develop foresight and to learn how to anticipate.
That sounds like a potential pulp/VSF campaign or game/book? title, 'Tentacles and Tripods: The Fight for Total supremacy in the Solar System!'

I think someone wrote a 'sequel' where Edison? and humanity went BACK to Mars to 'kick some cephalapod…expulsion orifice?' Who's to say humans wouldn't have had similar 'problems' from MARTIAN environment/etc as Martians did here? Lots of interesting possibilities….or like the TV series 'V'…after the 'red dust' was distributed driving the 'VISITORS' off earth, they managed to come back to 'bands/temperature-areas' where red dust/antigen? didn't affect them???

Maybe Martians and humans would co-habitate/fight in 'bands' on each other's worlds where they could 'survive' best?…the lesser 'bacteria' areas of Polar regions on Earth and Humans could survive in equatorial regions on mars in constant 'hot/cold/guerrilla warfare?'…

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