Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A counterpart to the heavy German “Bertha” howitzers, the 305mm “Emma” howitzer was adopted in 1913 and achieved a 13,123-yard maximum range with an 838-pound shell. The 280mm howitzer was accepted the following year and fired a 745-pound shell up to 12,030 yards. In 1916, Austria introduced both the 305mm Howitzer M16, with a maximum range of 32,808 yards with a 1,543- pound shell, and the 380mm Howitzer M16, which fired a massive 2,205-pound shell to a maximum range of 16,404 yards. These weapons were followed in 1917 by the nearly 117-ton, 420mm L/15 Howitzer, firing a 2,205-pound shell up to 15,967 yards.

305mm Howitzer M11
Calibre: 305mm
Elevation: +40 to +70°
Traverse: 120°
Weight emplaced: 20830 kg
Weight of Light shell: 287 kg
Weight of Heavy shell: 380 kg
Muzzle velocity:               340 m/s
Maximum range (Light shell): 11.300 meters
Maximum range (Heavy shell): 9.600 meters

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