Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bedford OXA

Model by MichalTeichman

Official photo of an armoured Bedford census # L4332619 which is initially from a batch of 30-cwt 4 x 2 A/Tk trucks 

The Bedford OXA was a gun truck or improvised British heavy armoured car built during World War II by mounting an armoured body onto a Bedford OXD 1.5 ton truck chassis. 948 units were built in 1940-1941. The vehicle was used by British Home Guard units until 1942.

950 units produced in two contracts:

4410861 to 4411060 orders placed 12/07/40 on contract V4104 for 200 units
4332566 to 4333315 orders placed 12/12/40 on contract V4070 for 750 units

Note the census numbers and the dates do not match, I have checked this out via another source and it seems to be correct, a warning here for those of us that try to date trucks on census numbers alone!!.
Conceived to fill the need for tanks in 1940, issued to the new Reconnaissance Regiments operating in the south east of England.

Frame and running gear standard for 30cwt Bedford
1050x16 tyres, runflat fronts, cross country rears
Bodies produced by various manufactures, Wrightson & Co Stockton on Tees, Alexander Finlay Motherwell, Wessops Darlington and Dorman Long & Co
All up weight 6 tons 9.5 cwt
Armament: 1 Boyes anti-tank rifle, 1 Bren gun plus crew rifles x 4
Withdrawn for service 1941 and put into storage
200 units issued to the Air Ministry in 1941 for airfield defence
Unknown number issued to Home Guard units
Unknown number converted to GS load carries post 1942
None known to have survived
Source: Classic Military Vehicle March and June 2002 and Allocation by Central Census of B Vehicle WD numbers Central Ordnance Depot Chilwell, Data book of wheeled vehicles Army Transport 1939 -1945.

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