Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dirtside II Martians Mod


When the dying Martians launched their ill fated attack in the early 1900s, only to die of bacterial contamination, the world was shocked. The governments, however, attempted to try to restore order, and faith to a shaken people. Using vast resources, they launched a media campaign, and within a decade, had the populations of the world believing that the Martian invasion had been a hoax.
After World War I, the War to End All Wars, Europeans were hopeful that they would not be so ravaged for many years to come. However, with humanity such as it is, by 1939 it had started again. The Second World War. While humanity looked to each other with both hope and fear, other, un-Earthly eyes watched from afar. The Martians had not expended all of their resources in the first invasion. And while they watched the outcome so many decades ago, they plotted, planned, and built much better, much stronger machines from which to do their conquering...
The following units and modifications for DS II allow for a blend between the Martians of H. G. Wells novel "War of the Worlds" and the movie adaptation. While the Martians presented here can be used with any DS II forces, they are exceptionally fun when pitted against DS II forces designed for WW II.

New Equipment

Martian Shield Generators (MSG)
MSGs produce a force field around a unit which takes damage before the unit does. Additionally, given enough time, the shields are capable of fully recovering from anything short of the destruction of the shield generator itself, or the complete destruction of the unit using it. Like other weapons and equipment in DS II, the MSG comes in classes as follows:
4 points
6 points
8 points
10 points
12 points
MSG Rules
  • Shields use 2 capacity points per size class of the MSG. Thus, an MSG/2 uses 4 capacity points.
  • Each MSG costs 10 x it's class in points
  • Shields are damaged by any valid chits, being degraded by one point per point of attack. Thus, if a player uses a class 3 weapon which has RED only chit validity, and draws a GREEN 1, YELLOW 2, and a RED 2, the red is valid, and reduces the value of the shielding by 2 points.
  • Shields regenerate at one point at the beginning of the unit activation.
  • When Shields are at 0 strength, the shielded units are attacked normally.
  • Shields ignore special chits, except for the BOOM! chit, which destroys the MSG.
  • Units with FGP power may use MSGs of class size equal to or less than to that of the vehicle.
  • Units with HMT power plants may be equipped with MSGs at two class levels lower than the vehicles size class. Thus, a Size 4 vehicle with an HMT could carry an MSG/1 or MSG/2.
  • Units with CFE power plants may not be equipped with MSGs.
  • Powered Armor units may be equipped with MSG/1s.

Martian Units

Martian Flier: Size 3, FGP power, Grav mobility, 3 armor. 1 x DFFG/3 in 180 degree turret. Superior FireCon, Superior ECM, MSG/3.
Martian Tripod: Size 4, FGP power, Combat Walker mobility, 4 armor. 1 x DFFG/2 in fixed mount. Superior FireCon, Superior ECM, MSG/2, APSW, Stealth 1 (effective size 4), Capacity to carry 1 Powered Armor Infantry Element.
Martian Infantry: Powered Infantry with IAVRs and MSG/1.

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